Surrealism is not art

There are many misunderstandings about surrealism. Art historians have included it among artistic avant garde directions of the first half of the20th century . From their point of view surrealism has therefore been dead for at least 60 years. The term surrealism has entered the general vocabulary as description of something nonsensical, absurd. First of all, it is important to say that surrealism is not art. There is no surrealist painting or surrealist film .We can talk about surrealism in art, in painting,or in film. This is beacuse there is no surrealist aesthetics,no surrealist method or school. Surrealism is a way of perceinving life and the world. I would descrie it as a magical outlook on life and the world. I have learnt three things from surealism. Firstly, it has freed me of my fear of collectivity because surrealism is collective adventure. Secondly it has developed my imagination in unforeseen ways, and finally it has taught me that there is only one kind of poetry and that it doesnt matter what means we choose to grasp it. This is because there is no surrealist aesthetics, no surrealist method or school. Jan Švankmajer

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